Republican Presidential Candidates Seek Support from Jewish Voters

Republican presidential candidates work hard to win the Jewish vote.

Maryland State Police Respond to Fiscal Audit

The Maryland State Police found itself in hot water after a fiscal compliance report found that there were problems with money and gun regulations.

Montgomery County Urges Caution For A Safe Holiday Season

With the holiday shopping season about to shift into high gear local officials are reminding everyone about the importance of making it a SAFE shopping season.

Elementary Schoolers Learn About Gas Leaks

Elementary schoolers learned about gas safety from Marvel comic books.

Massage Therapists Give Free Massages to People in Need

Montgomery County’s Homeless Resource Day featured many services available to homeless residents. Among them, local massage therapists serviced people in possibly the most important way.

MAINSTREAM MUSLIM: Members of the Muslim Community Denounce ISIS

The local Muslim community is working to make it clear that their religion is not the one represented by the terrorists responsible for the deadly assault in Paris.

French Violence Poses Conundrum to Local Travelers

After the weekend’s violence in Paris, local students and travelers were faced with a tough decision on whether or not to travel to France or not.

Baltimore Business Prepares to Help Community

A booming Baltimore business is giving back to the community.

Howard County Creates Way to Dispose of Old American Flags

If you want to dispose of an old American flag properly, all you have to do is bring it to the dump. Howard County has become the first jurisdiction in Maryland to offer a flag retirement program. It’s the result of a joint project between the County and a local American Legion Post.

Montgomery County Police Crack Down on Pedestrian Safety Measures

Police crack down on public safety law violators along and on Montgomery County’s roads.