Experts Aren’t Betting on Sports Gambling in Maryland Anytime Soon

With Delaware already offering legalized sports gambling, and New Jersey planning to follow suit to stay competitive in the gambling-saturated northeast corridor, could Maryland soon join its neighbors and permit sports wagers?

Local Police and Area Kids Play Dream Team Basketball

Middle and high school kids in College Park will team up against local law enforcement officials in a friendly basketball game Friday to promote a positive relationship with police in the area.

Washington Nationals: The “Second” Home Team

Only those old enough to remember the Washington Senators, or young enough to be born in this century, can truly say they grew up on Washington baseball.

Washington and Baltimore have winning baseball together for first time since ’69

Until this year, Washington and Baltimore haven’t had winning baseball teams in the same season since 1969. The Orioles would finish 109-53 and lose in the World Series, while the Senators finished 86-76, failing to make the playoffs.