Maryland State Agencies Threatened by Cyberattacks

Incident reports acquired via Maryland Public Information Act request show that at least six cyber attacks have hit state agencies since early 2013.

Tax Reform and Green Energy Take Forefront in Candidates’ Economic Platforms

From shrinking the corporate income tax to creating a chicken-litter-to-fuel facility, Maryland’s candidates for governor have strikingly different plans to make the state a better place to do business.

Oculus Virtual Reality CEO Defends Acquisition by Facebook

The CEO of the much-hyped virtual reality hardware recounted his humble startup beginnings and discussed the future of his company, now owned by Facebook.

Cyber Blizzard Challenge Tests Students’ Security Skills

Cybersecurity programs from mid-Atlantic colleges and universities were put to the test as they juggled defending networks, giving aid to fictional disaster victims, and meeting demands from officials.

Early E-book Gamble Pays Off for Maryland Libraries

When Maryland’s e-Library started, no one was sure if e-books would stick. Now the program offers over 45,000 e-books, and librarians’ roles have grown now that e-reading is here to stay.

University of Maryland’s Response to Database Breach May Cost Millions

University President Wallace D. Loh says the costs of credit-monitoring and the expense of acquiring encryption will likely cost millions.

Maryland’s Cybersecurity Industry Thrives Despite Hackers’ Evolution

As cyberattacks grow in number and severity, businesses and government alike are combining to help achieve U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s goal of making Maryland the “epicenter for cybersecurity.”

Jake’s Law Aims to Create Tougher Punishments for Texting While Driving

After a driver whose distracted driving led to the death of a 5-year-old received a $1,000 fine, a new measure proposes much harsher penalties.

Federal Ruling May Leave Thousands of Maryland Families Without Dental Insurance

Legal loopholes and hard-to-find information may discourage low-income Marylanders from getting sufficient dental insurance.

Lawmakers Seek Tighter Regulations On Cash-For-Phone Kiosks

A number of mall kiosks throughout the state offer instant cash for recycling old phones; some say it’s too alluring for phone thieves to pass up.