Judge reinstates case against two police officers who handcuffed and yelled at a 5-year-old for leaving school

A judge has reinstated a lawsuit against the Montgomery County Board of Education and two county police officers who handcuffed and berated a 5-year-old for walking away from his elementary school.

Police officers issue vouchers instead of tickets

Police in College Park want to make the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. Drivers who have broken headlights can get a free repair voucher instead of a ticket. The goal is to reduce the amount of broken lights on the road and keep pedestrians safe.

Maryland installs more litter traps to protect water and sewer systems

Trash in waterways is hazardous for people, wildlife and the environment. Montgomery County releases its first litter trap in the Lockridge Drive Tributary adding on to the other seven traps in the Anacostia watershed. The traps will capture trash from going into the Chesapeake Bay and help mitigate the environmental impact.

Two solar flares erupt causing electric disruptions on Earth

BOULDER, Co. – Two solar flares erupted on March 28 causing disruptions to electric communications as well as the viewing of the Northern Lights. Space scientist Robert Steenburgh describes the significance of this event and insight on what’s to come…

Ukrainian woman copes with Russian invasion

Ann Kerda says she leans on prayer as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine. She is upset for her many relatives and friends who currently reside in Ukraine and are seeing their country being destroyed.