Maryland music venues struggle to stay afloat

Independent music venues continue to struggle financially to survive while in the midst of Maryland’s lifted pandemic restrictions and vaccine accessibility.

Cicadas will soon invade the state of Maryland

Brood X, a new generation of cicadas, will begin to show up in Maryland in the next few weeks, after a 17-year-long hiatus.

Md. mental health facilities will have to report sexual abuse

A Maryland bill would require all mental health facilities to report complaints of sexual abuse and harassment to state agencies within 24 hours.

Baltimore City residents press for tax sale relief

Some low-income homeowners in Baltimore may be at risk of losing their homes due to the city’s tax sale system and the ongoing burdens of the coronavirus pandemic.

Maryland bill would refine environmental justice commission

A bill in the Senate would reform a Maryland commission to reflect the diversity within the state and expand its duties to help vulnerable communities affected by environmental justice issues.

Maryland bill would combat menstrual inequities

Maryland health departments and social service agencies would distribute free menstrual hygiene products to low-income households should a bill in the state Legislature pass this session.

Maryland bill would charge companies for carbon pollution

Maryland lawmakers would charge fees on fossil fuels and high-emissions vehicles to reduce pollution within the state — and send the first $350 million annually to fund schools — under a bill in the state’s General Assembly.

Maryland taxes may be offset by diaper, feminine hygiene donation

A Maryland bill would allow deductions of up to $1,000 from state income tax for donations of diapers or feminine products to a qualified charitable organization starting in tax year 2021.

Maryland may ban plastic carryout bags at retail shops

A Maryland House committee on Friday voted to approve a bill prohibiting all retail establishments from distributing a plastic carryout bag at the point of sale.