Program That Helps Youth After Release from Juvenile Facilities Scheduled to Shut Down

Program that helps young people who have come out of commitment in juvenile facilities will shut down June 30.

New Law Makes it Harder to Commit Juveniles for Minor Offenses

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland General Assembly passed a bill in the recently completed session that prohibits juvenile courts from committing a child to the Department of Juvenile Services for out-of-home placement for minor offenses, including trespass and possession of marijuana.…

Bill Would Expand Kosher Wine Access in Maryland

If a House bill is passed, Maryland Jews will be able to purchase kosher wines from international and online retailers.

Untold Filipino History in Annapolis

Filipinos came to Annapolis to serve as laborers in the U.S. Navy. Now, a University of Maryland graduate student is documenting their little-known history.

Intensity of Flu-Like Illnesses Still High in Maryland

This flu season seems unusually bad because there was a mild flu season last year, but experts are still urging people to get vaccinated.