‘Smart’ Meters Energize a Controversy in Maryland

Utilities, Activists Disagree on Digital Meters’ Benefits

General Assembly’s Proposed Reforms Focus on Police Conduct, Drug Crime Sentencing

Hogan to Sign Body Camera Legislation, Spokeswoman Says

Maryland Police, Activists Discuss Body-Camera Legislation

Bill Would Allow Video, Audio Recording by Officers

Maryland Senate Considers Upping Award Limit in Cases Against Local Government

Critics Say Higher Liability Would Hurt Public Services

Hogan Introduces New Budget Supplement For Tax Relief, Education, Law Enforcement

Democrats Say Governor Is Holding School Funds Hostage

Small-Business Initiatives Advance in Maryland Senate

Hogan Seeks to Support Owners with Tax-Relief Bill

Maryland House, Senate Pass Bills to Restrict Hydraulic Fracturing

Opponents Say Moratorium, Liability Bills Ignore Economic Interests

Bills Would Require More Transparency, Accountability From Maryland Law Officers

Bills Would Strengthen Review Process for Misconduct, Introduce Body Cameras

Civil Forfeiture Reform Bill Passes Maryland House

Bill Would Allow People to Reclaim Seized Property More Easily

Bill Would Create Statewide Consortium on Heroin, Opioid Abuse

Another Bill Would Increase Naloxone Access