Casinos Draw Business Away from Local Bingo

Casinos have drawn business away from bingo halls in Maryland.

Pull-Tab Machines Might Look Like Slots, but They’re Not

Is that a slot machine? No, but it looks, acts and sounds just like one.

Crime and Casinos: Too Close to Call

Is there a relationship between crime and casinos? Experts say there are too many factors to come to a conclusion.

Liquor Sales Stagnate This Year, Industry Says Marylanders Going Out Of State

Liquor industry attributes stagnant sales to increased liquor tax.

Voters Narrowly Approve Casino Expansion

Gambling expansion was too close to call Tuesday night, with 51.6 percent for, 48.4 percent against and many votes uncounted.

Lawsuit Attempts to Nullify Results of Gambling Referendum

A lawsuit filed Friday challenging the constitutionality of the expanded gaming referendum could nullify the results of the Question 7 if successful.

Md. Casino Opponent Penn National has Fought Against Ballot Issues Before, and Won

Four years ago Penn National helped kill an Ohio ballot question that could have created competition for one of its casinos. Could the same thing happen in Maryland?

“Flood Bucket” Program Still Adding Oysters a Decade Later

The South River Federation’s “Flood Bucket” program added more oysters to its reef in Harness Creek recently with the help of 50 volunteers. The program has been gardening oysters for more than a decade.

Offshore Wind in Md. Could Boost Recreational Fishing, Hurt Commercial Industry

If a wind farm is ever built off the coast of Ocean City it could enhance recreational fishing by creating artificial reefs, but hurt commercial fishermen who dredge in the area by taking up valuable bottom with cables and lines.

Casinos Spend $26.7 Million on Both Sides Md. of Gaming Referendum

The debate over expanding gaming in Maryland will ultimately be decided by the people, but to help them pick, casino companies on both sides have now contributed more than $26.7 million to campaigns for and against Question 7.