The missing half: Twins both have heroin addiction, but just one survives

PASADENA, Maryland—Denise Williams’s twin sons, Matt and Ryan, were both addicted to heroin, and the drug took one of their lives. The other twin lives each day with the agony of survival.

‘This is my last chance’: Structure, discipline mark recovery program

CROWNSVILLE, Maryland—Gaudenzia Inc. is more than a rehabilitation facility. For some, it’s their last chance at sobriety.

Blindsided: Annapolis police detective loses son to heroin

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland—John Lee policed the streets of Annapolis for more than two decades as a detective. With years of experience under his belt, he was shocked when he and his wife discovered their son Patrick was afflicted by heroin addiction. The dependency disorder would eventually claim his life, leaving his parents and community devastated.

A chief’s promise: Police encourage addicts to get help with disease

MILLERSVILLE, Maryland—Anne Arundel County Police believe that incarcerating people addicted to opioids is not a solution to the epidemic. Police Chief Timothy Altomare views addiction as a disease, and his department is encouraging addicts to get into treatment.

Flicker of remembrance: Vigil honors those lost to addiction

GLEN BURNIE, Maryland—A growing number of people are survivors of the opioid epidemic, carrying on after losing a loved one to addiction. Aleta Daley’s son, Sean, is a victim of the crisis. She found understanding and empathy among people who share her experience at a candlelight vigil to commemorate those afflicted by the nationwide epidemic.