In sheer numbers, U.S. and NATO forces far outstrip Russia’s military

While war is not solely a game of numbers, having a numerical superiority in firepower is certainly an advantage. So how do the US and NATO forces stack up against those of Russia?

Federal government moving money-printing facility to Maryland

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing is relocating its currency printing plant from Washington to Beltsville, Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan announced Wednesday.  The new $1.4 billion facility will be on the campus of the former Beltsville Agricultural…

With Ukraine conflict, Maryland guard’s European partnership takes on new importance

REISTERSTOWN, Md. – The Maryland National Guard hosted two generals from Estonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina militaries at Camp Fretterd Military Reservation during a several-day visit this week. The visit underscored an ongoing military partnership between the state and the two European…

Hours after Zelenskyy asks Congress for more help, Biden sends additional weapons

While the additional aid will assist Ukraine in its fight, Biden has maintained that the implementation of a NATO no-fly zone – a concession Zelenskyy asked Congress for in his speech – is out of the question.

The war in Ukraine: Questions and answers

Russia’s unprovoked attack unified Europe and NATO and prompted unprecedented sanctions aimed at crippling the Russian economy and forcing Vladimir Putin to the negotiating table.

Biden taps Jackson to serve as first Black woman on Supreme Court

Jackson, 51, would fill the seat of Justice Stephen Breyer, who announced his retirement in late January. Jackson previously worked as a law clerk for Breyer.

In Maryland, Biden signs order affecting 200,000 workers in federal building contracts

The order would affect an estimated 200,000 workers by requiring federal construction contracts worth over $35 million to use project labor agreements, according to the White House.