Community-police relations a legislative priority, ACLU says

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland–After Maryland’s 2016 legislative session gave way to notable criminal justice reform, the ACLU of Maryland is looking to revive some prolonged efforts in improving the community-police relationship that may have fallen to the wayside. The majority of the…

Trump campaign vows counter to Maryland’s justice reform efforts

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — If Trump’s campaign was any precursor to his administration, the president-elect could threaten criminal justice reform underway in Maryland, some civil rights advocates say. RELATED STORY: Trump’s campaign rhetoric worries criminal justice reformers Following a U.S. Department…

Maryland grows more politically polarized, like rest of U.S.

While Maryland voted for the Democratic candidate in 2016 for the seventh straight presidential election, a deepening Republican loyalty in more rural areas of the state indicates increased polarization throughout Maryland

Democrats keep firm hold on Maryland congressional seats

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland – Democrats took the state’s open U.S. Senate seat on Tuesday, as well as seven of eight House seats. Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen, of the 8th District, won 60 percent of the vote in his bid…

New civil rights concerns draw many of Maryland’s black voters to polls

By Sydney Tonic and Sam Reilly Capital News Service COLLEGE PARK, Maryland — The African-American vote is a critical ingredient in Democrat Hillary Clinton’s strategy for defeating Republican Donald Trump on Tuesday.   For some members of the black community…

Maryland joins suit against recovery-drug maker as opioid overdoses rise

Health department reports more than 900 opioid-related deaths in Maryland for the first half of this year — a large jump.

Franchot, NAACP: lack of air conditioning in Balt. Co. schools a civil rights issue

The Maryland comptroller and an NAACP official say a disproportionate number of poor students are suffering without air conditioning, and are calling on the federal government to investigate Baltimore County schools for what they say are civil rights violations.

Maryland’s highest court hears free speech case regarding Spanish-language license plate

The Maryland Court of Appeals is considering whether the state’s Motor Vehicle Administration acted unconstitutionally in recalling vanity license plates sporting a Spanish scatological word.