Maryland Scrap Law Has Holes

They’ve robbed graves and construction sites, churches and schools. They’ve taken statues from bases and ordinary pipes right out of the walls – but even a new law designed to curb these scrap metal thieves seems to barely slow them down.

Earth Hour, Human Achievement Hour Compete for the Spotlight

While some Maryland municipalities are turning off their lights for an hour Saturday in honor of the fifth annual international Earth Hour, counterprotesters are using extra electricity to celebrate Human Achievement Hour.

Supreme Court’s Careful Consideration on Health Care is Inspiring

WASHINGTON – Outside the Supreme Court this morning there were close to 100 protesters and others waiting to get in. The protesters were from different factions — for “Obamacare,” against it, or for something else entirely, looking for attention, to make a point, or to be a part of history.

Mikulski Blasts Blunt Health Care Amendment

Women’s reproductive health would be compromised if an amendment to the Senate transportation bill allowing employers to deny health coverage for services they morally object to passes, a group of senators and health care professionals said.

Baltimore Man Detained in Guantanamo Formally Charged

A Baltimore man who has been detained in a military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for nearly 9 years, faces trial before the Office of Military Commissions after terrorism charges were filed against him this week.

Ivey Withdraws; Edwards’ Path to Re-election Clears

Former Prince George’s County prosecutor Glenn Ivey withdrew from the 4th Congressional District Democratic primary Wednesday.