Temporary legal protections leave uncertainty for Afghan evacuees resettling in the U.S.

WASHINGTON – Thousands of Afghan evacuees have resettled into the United States, but the temporary nature of their legal status could hinder their adjustment to the country now and in the coming years, experts say. The U.S. withdrawal of troops…

Supreme Court to hear arguments over Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks

The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, considers the constitutionality of Mississippi’s ban on most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Never mind the honeybee: Maryland researchers want more buzz over saving native bee species

Misguided information on which bee species to save has created a media frenzy over protecting the honeybee despite research pointing to steady honeybee populations, experts say.

Supreme Court hears arguments on Texas abortion law Monday

With a more conservative court, pro-choice and pro-life activists are closely watching this case.

Against backdrop of instability in Haiti, Cardin and Rubio press for more U.S. engagement

Senators Ben Cardin and Marco Rubio co-sponsored legislation from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to combat corruption, crime, violence and abuse of human rights.

Maryland needs to do more to enforce anti-lead laws, advocates say

Advocates are calling on Maryland leaders to boost spending on anti-lead programs and improve enforcement.

D.C. pro-choice march demands protection for women’s rights

Thousands rallied Saturday in Washington in support of reproductive rights as a response to a restrictive abortion bill passed in Texas and an upcoming Supreme Court challenge to a Mississippi law.

With eyes on Texas and Supreme Court, pro-choice advocates to march in D.C. Saturday

The rally is not a traditional Women’s March but part of a coalition effort instead, with more than 660 sister marches planned nationwide.

With pandemic benefits ending, Maryland and U.S. poverty rates could rise

The combination of different federal initiatives implemented throughout the pandemic has supported large populations enough to prevent them from falling into poverty. However, as these temporary solutions are coming to an end, it may have detrimental effects on these populations that have been relying heavily on this financial support.

Broad coalition launches effort to help resettle Afghan refugees; Hogan urges aid

Following the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan, this new initiative, Welcome.US, allows Americans to easily donate money to frontline organizations, host families or provide essential services.