Poorer School Districts Tend to Have Higher Portions of Kids in Special Ed

In poorer public school districts in Maryland, the percentage of students receiving special education is disproportionately higher than in wealthier districts, and has been since early 2000.

Maryland Moves Ahead with STEM Initiatives

More public schools are spending grants on programs like Learning Studios, which gets students working on problem-based projects with real-life STEM professionals.

Maryland’s Immigrants: More educated, Legal and Asian

Thu Nguyem, 32, emigrated from Vietnam with her family when she was 3 years old, becoming part of Maryland’s growing Asian population.

Dream Act a Reality in Md.

The Dream Act appeared on its way to passage late Tuesday night.

Hurricane Sandy Floods Historic Annapolis

Photos of historic Annapolis after Hurricane Sandy Tuesday.

Illegal Immigrant with Big Dreams Hopes Dream Act Passes in Md.

Like hundreds of undocumented high school graduates, Raymond Jose, 22, (on the right) is waiting to see whether voters will uphold the Maryland Dream Act, which would allow some illegal immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition at public two- and four-year colleges.

Cecil County Uses Discussion to Meet New Academic Standards

ANNAPOLIS – As Justin Garagnani sat in freshman English last March at Elkton High School in Cecil County, he was intimidated and worried students would make fun of each other when his teacher said they were going to sit in a circle and talk for the next hour

C-SPAN Bus Gets High Schoolers’ Attention

Reservoir High School students learned about the 2012 election using touch-screen TVs inside C-SPAN’s million-dollar bus.

Md. Court Decision Making Pit Bulls Harder to Adopt

More owners are surrendering their pit bulls since the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled the dogs “inherently dangerous.”

Md. Court Decision Making Pit Bulls Harder to Adopt

COLLEGE PARK – More owners are surrendering their pit bulls to shelters, which are struggling to adopt the dogs out since the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled purebred pit bulls “inherently dangerous,” and decided property owners also are liable for pit-bull-related incidents