Maryland is at the forefront of youth cricket in the U.S.

Led by the Maryland Youth Cricket Association, Maryland is amongst the most proactive states in expanding the sport.

Maryland law would promote unusual sports

House Bill 444 plans to earmark a fund for expanded recreational opportunities.

Maryland law would ban hate symbols in public schools

House bill specifically names Confederate flags, swastikas and nooses to be disallowed.

Maryland lawmakers are close to adding HBCU funding

The bill would provide $577 million to Maryland’s four HBCUs over about 10 years.

Maryland bill would require therapy dogs to be allowed in public schools

There is currently no statewide policy for the availability of therapy dogs in schools.

Maryland bill would grant mental health days off for students

The bill, sponsored by Del. Alonzo Washington, D- Prince George’s, follows similar legislation in Utah and Oregon.

Maryland legislation would help school children with seizures

Brynleigh’s Act, cross filed in the house and senate, aims to increase awareness about seizures — and help schoolchildren when one happens.