Supreme Court Hears Second Day of Debate on Health Care Bill

Tuesday marked another day of serious debate at the Supreme Court as justices heard arguments on the constitutionality of President Obama’s health care bill. It was the second of three days of arguments over the bill, which represents the most time spent on debating a bill in more than 40 years.

Does the Price at the Pump Affect Commuters’ Decision to Drive?

AAA reports that the national average for gas is $3.92 a gallon, and in many locations in Maryland, Washington, and Virginia the price is even higher. So, are the prices at the pump making people reconsider their decision to drive? We went around asking commuters to find out.

President Obama Tells Students to Take On Clean Energy Jobs

In his speech to students at the Prince George’s Community College, President Barack Obama stressed the importance of clean energy jobs, and said that community colleges are in a unique position to prepare students to take them on.

Glen Burnie High School Students Stand Against Westboro Baptist Church

Three church members protested in front of the high school, saying the wrath of God was upon the students.

Bill Gates Speaks to Innovators, Urging Them to Continue Work

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates urged innovators to continue their work, and stressed the importance of more public and private funding for energy technology inventions, at a summit Tuesday at the Gaylord Hotel at the National Harbor.

Maryland Delegates Discuss a Bill to Put a Lock on the Transportation Trust Fund

At a hearing Tuesday, lawmakers discussed a bill that would prevent money from the state’s Transportation Trust Fund from being used for anything other than transportation projects.

Catholics Respond to Obama’s Birth Control Mandate

Two Maryland Catholics criticized the mandate included in President Obama’s health care bill requiring religious organizations running hospitals and clinics to pay for contraception in their health care coverage for workers.