Growing Number of Maryland High School Students Earning College Course Credit

More high school students in Maryland are earning college credit through Dual Enrollment courses within their high schools and local community colleges.

Maryland Senate Passes Override of Hogan’s Veto of Felon Voting Rights

The felon voting rights bill is expected to expand voting rights to an additional 40,000 felons, supporters say.

Several Gun Rights Advocacy Groups Hold Rally in Annapolis With Lawmakers

Gun rights-activists said 2013’s Firearm Safety Act was an infringement on their Constitutional rights.

A Roundup of Happenings in Annapolis

Alan Gross, educational organizations, new candidate for Congress among capital happenings.

Aerial Watch

Army Launches Mass Surveillance JLENS Aerostat

Marylanders’ Unclaimed Funds on the Rise as State Revenue Source

The state says it’s ‘giving away millions’ – but it’s raking in even more.

Poor Communities Surrounding Baltimore Casino Getting Less Revenue Than Anticipated

Horseshoe Casino, plopped right in the middle of impoverished South Baltimore, was supposed to inject new life into “historically ignored” communities mired with high crime and unemployment rates, poor health and lackluster housing. But city agencies’ needs have skyrocketed since the casino’s opening — and the community-intended fund has absorbed the costs.

Journalists Advocate for Extension of Reporter’s Shield Law to Protect Against Out-of-State Subpoenas

Law Gives Absolute Privilege to Withhold Sources’ Identities

The Cutting Edge: Sport Sensor Technology for the Modern Coach

Radar guns, bat swing sensors and monitor devices, once exclusive to the elite level of sport, are now affordable to the everyday coach.

“Kids are visual learners and live in the 160-character world; embrace it, there’s no risk,” said baseball head coach Sean O’Connor of DeMatha Catholic High School.

Coaches Gain Family Time, Improve Practices With Video Analysis Services

Professional and NCAA athletic programs long shouldered the costs to hire video coordinators, provide professional statistics and create segmented game films, but now youth, high school and smaller-college coaches have affordable access to these technologies.