Maryland Coaches Embrace Affordable, High-Tech Toolset

The quality gap between professional and amateur coaching tools is rapidly shrinking. Parents who miss their child’s games can follow along on their phone. Coaches and players now stay on the same page when learning and practicing thanks to organized, computer-created playbooks and game notes.

Homeless Resources for Montgomery County’s Less Fortunate

An event in Montgomery county provided those struggling to make ends meet with some help to keep them warm during the cold winter months. One of volunteers, who goes by the name of “Toodles the Clown,” had a very special way to help ease those hardships.

Pregnancy Discrimination Case Heads to Supreme Court

One mother’s case of alleged pregnancy discrimination in the workplace lands before the Supreme Court where supporters rallied outside while arguments were being presented to the justices.

DC Ferguson: Protesters Respond to Decision in Ferguson

Following the decision by a Ferguson, Missouri grand jury not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown, protests popped up around the country including Washington, D.C.

Baltimore Bookstore is Giving Away Books for Free

It all started with a conversation in a bar. Now, a local bookstore is giving away books to anyone who walks through its door.

Thanksgiving Won’t be a Day Off For All

Not everyone can afford to take the day off on Thanksgiving. Maryland’s Craigslist sites are full of interesting opportunities for those looking to make a profit on Thanksgiving Day. Some, like Lori Queen, a chef from Washington, like to spend the day helping others.

Cheaper Gas May Drive More to Hit the Road for Thanksgiving, AAA Says

ANNAPOLIS–Low gas prices, increased police presence, suspended roadwork and toll booth failsafes may provide motorists cheaper, safer and quicker Thanksgiving travel across Maryland. The Maryland Transportation Authority expects a 1 percent increase in road traffic during the holiday travel period,…

Report: Nutrients, Not Just Sediment at Conowingo, Affect Chesapeake Bay

A multi-agency report found that the Conowingo Dam is not the biggest culprit for water quality issues affecting the bay, and dredging sediment from the reservoir behind the dam should not be considered a cost-effective solution.

Governor-Elect Hogan Addresses Public After Victory

Republican Larry J. Hogan Jr. pulled off a stunning upset Tuesday night to defeat the Democratic candidate Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown in Maryland’s gubernatorial election.

Despite about an hour of sleep, an energized Maryland governor-elect Larry Hogan Jr. livened a conference room at the Westin Hotel in Annapolis Wednesday morning with cordial anecdotes and a down-to-business outlook.

Hogan told reporters a handful of times that he would not field specific questions regarding policy and tax reform right after election night, but made clear his determination to “get things done in a bipartisan fashion.”