2020 presidential election

Maryland officials encourage drop box use, confirm security

Maryland elections officials are encouraging the use of ballot drop boxes as the mailing deadline approaches, and outlined the safety of the receptacles to state lawmakers earlier this month.

Among expectations of record voter turnout, many people still cannot or will not vote

There are various reasons that nonvoters– who tend to be younger, less educated, less wealthy and less likely to be white than voters– choose to not, or cannot, cast a ballot.

Maryland’s early and mail-in votes outpace 2016

Mail-in vote totals are around 500% higher than in 2016, and early vote numbers are up as well. That likely will not affect who Maryland picks for president this year.

Maryland turnout follows expected trends for district races

Maryland State Board of Elections’ early voting numbers so far do not indicate any surprise upsets in Congressional district races. However, issues like police reform drive a few away from major party candidates.

Protesters rally against confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett

Over 10,000 people marched from Freedom Plaza, the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court buildings to speak out against President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and his potential reelection.

Maryland’s Delaney drops out of presidential race days before Iowa caucus

WASHINGTON — Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney has withdrawn from the 2020 Democratic presidential contest, only days before the Iowa caucuses. “It has been a privilege to campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, but it is clear that God…

Amidst “intimidating” tweets from Trump, envoy tells impeachment probe of ‘smear campaign’

WASHINGTON – As Marie Yovanovitch, ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, testified before the House Intelligence Committee Friday as part of the impeachment inquiry, she was attacked on Twitter by President Donald Trump.  The historic moment was labeled by the panel’s…

Washington Bullpen: Inside the District’s fight for voting representation in Congress

WASHINGTON – When the colonies broke off from British control to become the United States, one of their rallying cries was “no taxation without representation.” Now, 243 years later, license plates in the nation’s capital city bear the same message…

Maryland’s Hoyer contradicts Judiciary’s Nadler, then reverses course

WASHINGTON – House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Mechanicsville, reflected the Democrats’ muddled message on presidential impeachment in a press conference Wednesday, first saying the House is not currently conducting an inquiry, and later walking that back in a statement released…

Young people, like those at Hogan’s New Hampshire visit, may be key 2020 targets

GOFFSTOWN, New Hampshire – As Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan weighs whether to mount a primary challenge to Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for president in 2020, he might want to look to young voters to boost his chances. Among…