Equal Pay Day: Continuing the battle for equal pay

Equal Pay Day was established a decade ago to raise awareness to the huge gap between men and women’s wages. Now, ten years later, supporters say the battle continues–even as new anti-discrimination legislation is introduced in Maryland to broaden equal pay laws already in place.

‘Yes means yes’ sexual assault bill dies; campus officials and activists debate next step

The bill required all Maryland colleges and universities to adopt an affirmative consent standard.

Anti-Donald Trump Music Video goes Viral

A provocative subject, a captive audience, and a catchy chorus has resulted in a viral music video for a local teen.

Senate Discusses Bill on Funding for After School Programs

The Senate votes preliminary approval for the Maryland Extended Day and Summer Enhancement Program that would fund after-school and summer programs for students in low income schools

Maryland felons now able to vote

Former felons step up to register to vote as the state’s new voting restoration law takes effect.

ABORTION RALLY: SCOTUS hearing on abortion brings out opponents and supporters

As the remaining eight members of the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments about a Texas law which imposes restrictions on the state’s abortion providers, supporters and opponents made their voices heard outside the court.

Maryland activist find ways to participate in early primaries

Maryland’s presidential primary isn’t until April 26th. But, instead of remaining on the sideline, Maryland activists from both parties are doing everything they can to impact the election.

Organization courts lawmakers in an attempt to push paid sick leave bill through House

The Mom’s Rising organization brought their kids to Annapolis in an effort to help push through a bill, now before a House committee, that would mandate paid sick leave for businesses with at least 10 employees.

Activists, legislators tout statewide poll results before hearing for Clean Energy Jobs Act

The bill includes a $40 million investment in clean-energy jobs training.

Bills Aim To Alter the Process of Selling Structured Settlements

Initiated by the office of the attorney general in September, a study of 171 Maryland cases found that structured settlements worth $21 million in present value were sold for just $6 million.