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Bill would limit use of DNA databases to solve crimes in Maryland

Maryland lawmakers passed a bill in the House that would define when law enforcement can and cannot use the genetic information of an individual, ensure consent from the individual and establish a narrow list of crimes to which this DNA technology can be applied.

Md. bill would publicize monetary settlement with police

A bill that could require local law enforcement agencies in Maryland to report monetary settlements and judgments with police officers to the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth and Victim Services passed in the state’s House of Delegates this week.

Maryland Delegates argue passionately over ‘Juneteenth’ bill

In support of a bill that would make “Juneteenth” a state and employee-paid holiday, a Maryland Delegate on Monday gave an impassioned speech, which ended with a standing ovation from some colleagues.

Legislators aim for better voter accessibility in Maryland

Multiple bills going through the General Assembly look to improve accessibility for disabled voters in Maryland.

Bill would replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Maryland lawmakers discussed a bill that would replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day, considering testimony from members of the Indigenous peoples and Italian peoples who argue Columbus is a part of their heritage.

Bill to repeal Maryland state song advancing in Legislature

A bill that would repeal Maryland’s state song “Maryland, My Maryland!” on the grounds it contains offensive and outdated language is advancing in the Legislature this week.

Md. bill reimbursing business property taxes would be costly

A Maryland lawmaker is vying for the state to reimburse personal property taxes to businesses reeling from the pandemic, though the refund could cost the state an estimated $365 million. Last year, Maryland businesses paid an average of $2,860 in these property taxes, which include physical assets that businesses need to operate –– like refrigerators at restaurants and swivel chairs at barber shops.

Maryland bill would curb police use of military surplus equipment

A bill that could prevent law enforcement agencies in the state from purchasing certain military equipment via a federal surplus program was passed in the Maryland Senate.

Hogan eases COVID-19 capacity restrictions

Citing improved health metrics, Gov. Larry Hogan, R, announced the loosening of capacity restrictions on many Maryland businesses.

Maryland bill would ban firearms at election sites

A bill banning firearms at polling sites in Maryland is advancing in the state Legislature, and advocates say it is necessary to stop voter intimidation.