Baltimore Climate and Health

Has climate news coverage turned a corner?

Some good news, for a change, about climate change: When hundreds of newsrooms focus their attention on the climate crisis, all at the same time, the public conversation about the problem gets better: more prominent, more informative, more urgent. In…

Orioles, Ravens groundskeepers challenged by climate change

BALTIMORE — During the baseball season, the weather radar is Nicole Sherry’s steadfast companion. It’s the last thing the Baltimore Orioles head groundskeeper checks before bed. When she wakes up, she reviews it to be sure nothing has drastically changed…

In urban heat islands, climate crisis hits harder

In Baltimore, the burden of rising temperatures isn’t shared.

Health risks rise with the temperature

For people with chronic health conditions, heat and humidity is more than a summer nuisance.

No trees, no shade, no relief as climate heats up

Poor neighborhoods in Baltimore have far less tree canopy than wealthier neighborhoods.

Global warming will be costly and neighborhoods must do more

Are government leaders and residents ready to act?

Bitter Cold: Climate Change, Public Health and Baltimore

Bitter Cold: Climate Change, Public Health and Baltimore