Baltimore Trauma

New facility in Baltimore aims to help urban communities grieve family loss

Baltimore, MD- Roberta’s House is a new 22,000 square foot facility in Baltimore that helps families in urban communities through the grieving process. The new facility has amenities such as a punching bag room, arts and crafts, a theater for…

Three students accepted violence in their lives, until a shooting in their Baltimore school

As they tried to find answers, the students came to see that the violence that they accepted as inevitable should not be considered normal.

Baltimore barbershops help clients cope with city’s ‘senseless violence’

In most barbershops, you might find posters that show style trends or magazines stacked on tables. But in New Beginnings barbershop, what stands out are student artwork on the walls and stacks of pamphlets promoting art exhibits and health screenings.

Wesley Hawkins wants to pass along help he got as a youth

The Nolita Project is an organization created to help Baltimore teenagers who may feel they need someone to rely on.

In neighborhoods around Baltimore, residents work to help their neighbors cope with the trauma that scars their lives.

Baltimore is afflicted with problems that challenge many families: high rates of poverty, struggling schools and stubborn crime rates. A network of government agencies and venerable nonprofit organizations support residents who need help.

Nolita Project checks in with Baltimore teenagers looking for support

The organization aims to provide support and guidance to young people who are facing some of the same struggles he endured. It is one of many small projects around Baltimore created to help teenagers get through school despite living with obstacles.