Ports Officials Support New Funding for Property to Hold Material Dredged from Harbor

Motor Vehicles Administration supports “move over” law; Maryland Transportation Authority investigates electronic tolls

Students Urged to Play Important Role in Future of Environment

Maryland high school students showed officials what they know about the Chesapeake Bay here Monday afternoon, starting with basic information and ending with how to pass legislation crucial to the bay’s future.

Franchot Visits Baltimore City School, Says He Will Advocate for Replacement Building

Comptroller Peter Franchot assured staff and students at Graceland Park-O’Donnell Heights Elementary School and the city’s school board that he will push for the funding of a replacement school as he toured the building Friday morning.

Maryland Charter Schools Push for Independence; State Laws Keep Control With Local School Boards

Maryland’s public charter schools feel stifled under current state laws that keep them under the authorization and governance of local school boards, but the creation of separate charter school boards could cost taxpayers and students much more.

Protesters Pack House Judiciary Committee to Rally Against Police Brutality

Activists call for justice for victims of police violence, stronger civilian review process

Congressional Democrats Urge Hogan to Support Red, Purple Lines

The Democrats in Maryland’s Congressional delegation sent Gov.-elect Larry Hogan a letter Thursday expressing strong support for the Red Line transit project in Baltimore and the Purple Line project in suburban Washington.

Coaches Gain Family Time, Improve Practices With Video Analysis Services

Professional and NCAA athletic programs long shouldered the costs to hire video coordinators, provide professional statistics and create segmented game films, but now youth, high school and smaller-college coaches have affordable access to these technologies.

Maryland Coaches Embrace Affordable, High-Tech Toolset

The quality gap between professional and amateur coaching tools is rapidly shrinking. Parents who miss their child’s games can follow along on their phone. Coaches and players now stay on the same page when learning and practicing thanks to organized, computer-created playbooks and game notes.

Baltimore Bookstore is Giving Away Books for Free

It all started with a conversation in a bar. Now, a local bookstore is giving away books to anyone who walks through its door.