Data Stories

Students in the Data Lab develop innovative data-driven web applications, interactive graphics and in-depth web projects. They serve as lead producers for CNS’ destination website and help test innovative new ideas to advance the practice of journalism.

CDC releases new COVID-19 community-level tracker as cases decrease across the nation

The tracker is part of the CDC’s effort to analyze daily COVID-19 numbers by individual communities. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky explained that this new system is intended to help guide research toward more efficient precautionary measures.

Live birth and fertility rates continued to drop during the pandemic

The CDC reports that in 2020 3,605,201 babies were born in the U.S., down 4% from  2019 and the lowest number of babies born since 1979. 

Offshore wind turbines will likely line Maryland’s coast by 2026

The projects, developed by companies US Wind and Ørsted, are slated to collectively power more than 600,000 homes in Delaware and Maryland upon their completion in 2026.

What does the future hold for the Washington Wizards?

The Wizards were one of the most active teams at the recent trade deadline, making roster adjustments to possibly set them up for success not only in 2022, but for years to come.

Public school enrollment decreases during pandemic

As public schools in Maryland and across the country saw a decline in enrollment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, homeschooling and private school enrollment rates increased as parents grew dissatisfied with virtual instruction and, later on, mask and potential vaccine mandates.

Screen time and social media use increases during pandemic

Between online meetings and classes, communicating with friends and entertaining ourselves, big parts of life are now lived online and on a variety of social media platforms.

Annual Point-in-Time count surveys homelessness in D.C. area

Although the results of the 2022 count have not yet been released, taking a look at data from past years can help gauge what we may expect to see down the line.

TSA sees a record number of gun detections at airports in Maryland and nationwide

Last year, TSA officers found 72 firearms at Baltimore Washington International-Thurgood Marshall Airport, Ronald Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport.

Diversity among Big Ten head coaches

Head Coaches Mike Locksley and Marisa Moseley reflect on their experiences as Black head coaches in the Big Ten, and Commissioner Kevin Warren shares his insight on how he feels the conference is faring in its diversity numbers.

Opening up University of Maryland police logs

This online dashboard scrapes the University of Maryland Police Department’s website every morning and aggregates data from the arrest logs into one source. You can explore patterns by year, incident type and race.