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Despite #MeToo era, most top colleges share little about sexual assaults

WASHINGTON – Despite the rise of the #MeToo movement, most of the nation’s largest public universities are less than transparent about how they handle sexual assault cases on campus.  A six-month-long investigation by Capital News Service found that among the…

We ran the numbers: Here’s how Democrats running for governor have been raising money

A crowded field of Democrats are elbowing for position before June’s primary, pulling in millions of dollars in hopes of being the party’s nominee to take on Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.

Can the Broken Baltimore Police Department Be Repaired?

Can a broken police department operating under a federal consent decree be repaired? Baltimore police think a focus on people, training and technology will work, but critics aren’t so sure.

Maryland’s Langley Park tests yet another relationship with Prince George’s County

For decades, Prince George’s County had been criticized for neglecting Langley Park, a transient, low-income Latino neighborhood on its far northwest border. That impression began to change in 2012, when the county included Langley Park in its data-driven “Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative.” Then, in 2017, with little fanfare, the country “graduated” Langley Park from the program.

Pedestrian casualties mount in Maryland town as officials defer action

At least 138 pedestrians have been struck by vehicles in the past eight years on a lethal two-mile stretch of state highway that runs through this low-income immigrant community in the Washington suburbs. Eight have died.

Pedestrian deaths on the rise nationally

Walking across the street is becoming more dangerous.

Classified hate groups taking sides in presidential race

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a national civil rights advocacy group, says Donald Trump’s rhetoric throughout his presidential campaign has been “dog-whistling” hate groups around the country. CNS TV’s Angelo Bavaro sat down with members of two hate groups to get their take on the 2016 election.

Uneven nursing home oversight allows patients to slip through cracks

In December, a 59-year-old woman who cannot speak after throat cancer surgery was left outside of a Baltimore homeless center with no money and no phone — in a city where she had no family and no close friends. She had fallen into a black hole in the regulatory system designed to protect nursing home patients.

Why Baltimore Can’t Keep Its Poorest Residents Healthy

Why is Baltimore’s world-renowned health system struggling to keep the city’s poorest residents from getting sick?