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Maryland Motorists Fear Gas Tax Increase

Motorists across Maryland were not receptive to Gov. Martin O’Malley’s (D-Md.) Monday statement that he would be open to a 15-cent gas tax increase.

College Park Gets “Crunchified”

College Park is about to get “crunchified.” Food Network fans were lined up out the door for the grand opening of Bobby Flay’s new burger restaurant, “Bobby’s Burger Palace.”

Officials Debate Painting Statehouse Dome Yellow

The statehouse dome in Annapolis, which has been painted white for the last 180 years, is closed for a new paint job. Officials are now debating whether to keep the dome white, or re-paint it yellow.

DC Tries to Prepare for Future Emergencies

What did you do when the earthquake struck in August? The 5.9 magnitude quake shook much of the area and even cracked the Washington monument.

Nutrition Education Program Battles Food Deserts in PG County

Food Smart Fresh Start, a nutrition education program operated by the University of Maryland, is helping low-income families get both information about and access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

Apple Brandy With a Splash of History

ou might think you know everything there is to know about our first president.

Fire Prevention Week Kicks Off

This week is National Fire Safety Week, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission is spending it testing out fire safety hazards at their new facility in Rockville.

University Launches New Crime-Fighting App

Thanks to a new smart phone application, students and staff at the University of Maryland may be able to stay a little safer on campus.

New Robots Facilities Create Jobs in Maryland

The new employees will work in manufacturing and engineering in order to meet the demand for an increase in robotics, and thermal control in space.

Tribal Ceremony Welcomes Health Exhibit to NIH

A traditional Native American dance celebration and ceremony welcomed the opening of the Native Voices exhibit at the National Library of Medicine Wednesday.