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Maryland Partners with Facebook, Cartoon Network to Combat Bullying

State officials said there were 3,818 cases of reported bullying in Maryland last year, but acknowledged that many more incidents go unreported.

Johns Hopkins Professor Wins Nobel Prize for Physics

Riess shared the award with scientists from the University of California at Berkley and Australian National University.

10 Years Later: Remembering the College Park Tornado

On September 24, 2001, an F-3 tornado ripped through the campus of the University of Maryland killing Erin and Colleen Marlatt

Montgomery County Bikes Ahead

The county is preparing to construct the first suburban bike rental system in the country

Kids Go Outdoors for Worldwide Day of Play

Thousands of energetic kids and their parents hurried into the nation’s capital for an afternoon of outdoor family fun Saturday.

Thousands Abandon Their Cars at Home

They were participating in World Carfree Day, a global event held every September 22nd that encourages people to abandon their cars and use environmentally friendly transportation instead. This year the district joined over 1,500 other cities in 40 different countries around the world.

“Occupy Wall Street” Hits Baltimore

With “Occupy Wall Street” protests filling the streets of New York, organizers in Maryland hoped to bring the same energy to “Occupy Baltimore.”

Cyber Security on the Rise in Maryland

State officials say there are a growing number of companies specializing in the development of security tools and technology, which is creating jobs throughout the state.

Students Across the State Get a Taste of Maryland

Public school students across the state are eating locally grown foods in an effort to help the local farming economy.

Parking App Helps Drivers at Univ. of Maryland

It’s called the Streetline Parker App for the iPhone and Android phones.