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A Race Along the ICC

The first people to give the new section of the Intercounty Connector (MD-200) a test drive, weren’t car drivers, they were runners.

Traffic Improvements Jammed in Montgomery County

Traffic congestion has not improved in Montgomery County in the past two years, according to a new report from county transportation officials.

Resource Day, Homelessness on Rise in Rich Montgomery

Hundreds of homeless residents in one of the nation’s richest regions linked up with Montgomery County’s medical and financial resources Wednesday.

Crab Companies Hurt By New Wage Rules

At J.M. Clayton’s crab packing house in Cambridge, more than 100 workers spend the day unloading, picking, stacking and then packing the sweet crabmeat that Maryland is famous for.

New Speed Cameras to Come to Prince George’s County

Officials in Prince George’s County plan to install 55 new speed cameras over the next year, prompting criticism from drivers in the county.

Maryland Motorists Fear Gas Tax Increase

Motorists across Maryland were not receptive to Gov. Martin O’Malley’s (D-Md.) Monday statement that he would be open to a 15-cent gas tax increase.

College Park Gets “Crunchified”

College Park is about to get “crunchified.” Food Network fans were lined up out the door for the grand opening of Bobby Flay’s new burger restaurant, “Bobby’s Burger Palace.”

Officials Debate Painting Statehouse Dome Yellow

The statehouse dome in Annapolis, which has been painted white for the last 180 years, is closed for a new paint job. Officials are now debating whether to keep the dome white, or re-paint it yellow.

Maryland Madness Tips Off College Basketball Season

This year marked the beginning of a era with new men’s coach Mark Turgeon.

NASA Launches Tweetup

More than one hundred Twitter users attended a “tweetup” at NASA’s Washington headquarters on Thursday