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Maryland teaming up with Commanders on new stadium site

Maryland is working to keep the Washington Commanders to remain in-state and is offering to build FedEx Field’s replacement stadium on undeveloped land adjacent to the current location.

Two solar flares erupt causing electric disruptions on Earth

BOULDER, Co. – Two solar flares erupted on March 28 causing disruptions to electric communications as well as the viewing of the Northern Lights. Space scientist Robert Steenburgh describes the significance of this event and insight on what’s to come…

Second COVID-19 booster shot gets mixed views from adults 50+

The FDA recently authorized a fourth COVID-19 shot to be taken four months after the first booster. Some people have debated whether getting another vaccine is necessary.

Uber announces new fuel surcharge, citing high gas prices

College Park, MD — With gas prices continuing to rise nationwide, Uber announced a fuel surcharge to help reduce the burden for their drivers.

Prince George’s County parents struggle to find child care

Greenbelt, MD – Prince George’s County parents struggle to find reliable childcare in the pandemic.  Eighty one percent of parents say they need childcare. While that demand grows, the number of childcare providers continues to decline.

DC arborists prepare Washington for cherry blossoms

Washington – Arborists from the National Park Service work year-round to prepare the sakura trees for thousands of visitors during its peak bloom. But NPS officials are also trying to think of new ways to incorporate modern technology into the…

Non-Profit group helps youth chase dreams

Baltimore – Carrollton Ridge is one of the poorest areas in Baltimore with a median income of less than 30-thousand dollars. The U Empower Project of Maryland helps kids learn how to be independent, and develop businesses that would help…

U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer transforms home into pet sanctuary

Rockville, MD – Retiring Naval Intelligence Officer Risa Simon has started operating “Leashes End” from her home.  It’s a nonprofit to help senior dogs and cats as they near the end of their lives.

Family displaced after Silver Spring apartment complex explosion

It has been five days since a faulty gas line caused an explosion at an apartment complex in Silver Spring. The explosion displaced those at complexes around the original site as well.

Economist weighs effectiveness of sanctions to deter Putin’s advance on Ukraine

Washington – NATO’s sanctions against Russia include limiting the country’s banks’ access to SWIFT. But one economist believes banning oil exports is more powerful than sanctions.