Maryland Considers Stricter Drunken Driving Penalties for First-Time Offenders

The General Assembly will weigh lowering the blood alcohol content required for first-time, non-commercial offenders to receive the device, which prevents motorists from starting their vehicle while intoxicated.

Adnan Syed Has a Long Road in Appeals Process

We explain the 15 years of appeals by the man whose case was made famous by the podcast Serial.

Lead Family

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan recently issued a statewide proclamation requiring all children…ages one and two…to be tested for lead paint poisoning. But for one local family, that order can just a little too late.

Lead Scams

Exposure to lead can be deadly. Use of lead paint was common until it was outlawed in 1978. In the years following there have been many lawsuits and many settlements and plenty of people trying to take advantage of those circumstances.

Youths From State Juvenile Facilities Participate In Contest At The Maryland Court Of Appeals

The Maryland Judiciary hosts an Oratorical Contest featuring juveniles from Department of Juvenile Justice facilities around the state.

Community Trust of Police Requires Reforms, Experts Say

Nationwide reform of law enforcement practices is critical to restoring community trust in the police, officials said at a congressional forum Wednesday afternoon.

COURT KIDS: Anne Arundel County students visit District Court

More than 100 middle and high school students from Anne Arundel County spent a day in District Court learning about the judicial system and the risks of driving while impaired.