New Law Phases Out Sub-Minimum Wages for Disabled Workers

WINDSOR MILL – Legislation to end the payment of sub-minimum wages to disabled workers in Maryland takes effect Oct. 1.

Under new legislation, proof of child-care abilities shifts for blind parents

Under a recent bill, in cases assessing a parent’s ability to care for their child, judges and claimants will need to follow new procedures before introducing a person’s disability in court.

Healing Through Body Art

When you think of body art, you might think of carnivals, tattoos or kid’s parties but one area artist uses the art form to make a difference in the lives of others.

Maryland’s onetime mental hospitals cost the state millions of dollars annually

Maryland has spent around $27 million in the past decade on buildings that are mostly vacant.

Mental Illness Legislation Proponents Rally in Annapolis

With the need and cost for mental health services growing, advocates rallied today at Lawyers Mall to support legislation that would tie funding for behavioral health
services to inflation and provide round-the-clock facilities.

Advocates Rally For Mental Health, Substance Use Disorder Legislation

More than 400 behavioral health advocates, care providers, patients and their family members rallied in Annapolis on Thursday.

ANNAPOLIS DISABILITY DAY: Advocates turn out to urge legislative support

Hundreds came from all over the state to speak out in Annapolis for many who can’t.

DISABILITY DAY: Advocates take on Annapolis in annual push for improvements

Advocates for disabled workers gathered in Annapolis in their annual day to meet one-on-one with lawmakers to push for their priority legislative issues.

Bills Aim to Use Video Technology to Cut Medical Costs

The bipartisan legislation aims to increase the use of technology such as video cameras to allow doctors to interact with patients outside the office.

One Million Veterans to be Focus of Federal Disease Research Project

Mega bio-bank under construction to study how genes affect veterans’ health.