Gov. Hogan Funds State Pension, Continuing Budget Battle With Democratic Legislators

Hogan said no one will get all their priorities this session

Volunteer Easter bunny is a family tradition at Md. School for the Blind

At the Maryland school for the Blind’s traditional beeping Easter egg hunt, the role of Easter Bunny is a long-standing family tradition.

Organ Donor Expansion Bill Aims to Save Lives

Montgomery County State Senator Cheryl Kagan is sponsoring a bill to expand when and where Marylanders can sign up to be an organ donor.

Hundreds of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Advocates Urge Legislators to Fund Services

Direct-support staff funding for people with disabilities is at stake

‘Death with Dignity’ Bill Would Allow Terminally Ill Patients in Maryland to End Their Lives

Companion House and Senate bills were introduced this week

Annapolis Roundup

A roundup of recent activity in Annapolis.

Rockville Athletic Facility Uses Innovative Gaming Technology to Train Clients

Fitness for Health in Rockville is replacing the “work” in working out with “fun” with their “gamer-cising” equipment. The trainers work with all types of clients, from 3 to 95, and with professional athletes to people with autism and cerebral palsy.

Rock ‘N Roll Cafe Provides Real World Training for Students at Md. School for the Blind

Students at Maryland School for the Blind work at Rock & Roll Cafe as a way to enhance their skills and work ethic.