Bill Would Move Roger Brooke Taney Statue From State Capitol Grounds

A statue of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney could be moved from the state capitol grounds due to a bill being introduced in Annapolis on Wednesday.

Law Enforcement Officials, Activists Testify on Police Reform Bills

About 280 people signed up to testify on bills regarding police accountability on Tuesday

D.C. Considers Offering One of Nation’s Most Generous Paid Leave Programs

Dalia Catalan and about 130 others testified last week at a hearing hosted by the D.C. Council, sharing their stories and reasons to support or oppose the Universal Paid Leave Act of 2015.

What’s In A Name: The Washington Professional Football Team

What’s in a name? A look at the Washington NFL team and the controversy surrounding its mascot.

African American Museum Kicks Off Countdown to 2016 Grand Opening

To kick off the year-long countdown to its grand opening, the museum hosted a three-night event last month to celebrate the anniversaries of three major milestones in African American history.

Syrian Asylum: Syrian Journalist Says Refugees Just Want Second Chance

A former Syrian journalist, now safe in the D.C. area after escaping his war-torn home, knows only too well how difficult the journey can be to safe haven in the United States.

DOUGLASS STATUE: Frederick Douglass Square dedicated at University of Maryland

Frederick Douglass Square was officially dedicated at a ceremony that featured remarks by campus and community leaders as well as Douglass’ own family. Some university students protested at the event, calling for a name change for the campus football stadium.

Gov. Hogan requests State Dept. pause Syrian resettlements in Maryland 

There have been 38 Syrian refugees resettled in Maryland since Jan. 1, 2014

University of Maryland students stand in solidarity with student activists around the country

Around 100 University of Maryland students stood in solidarity with student activists around the country in the new Frederick Douglass Square on campus, calling for more efforts to improve racial diversity.

Despite looming Confederate plate recall, flag enthusiast remains dedicated

The state of Maryland will ban Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates that feature the Confederate flag starting on Nov. 17, but Jay Barringer, the commander of the Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans said he will still fly his flags high.