Judge reinstates case against two police officers who handcuffed and yelled at a 5-year-old for leaving school

A judge has reinstated a lawsuit against the Montgomery County Board of Education and two county police officers who handcuffed and berated a 5-year-old for walking away from his elementary school.

Baltimore to pay millions to businesses damaged during Freddie Gray unrest

The city of Baltimore will pay millions to settle a federal lawsuit with dozens of businesses that were damaged after the death of Freddie Gray in 2015.

D.C. recruits more women in police department

Washington – The D.C. Metropolitan Police and Mayor Muriel Bowser have signed the 30×30 initiative, which calls for more women police officers. It will ensure that 30 percent of new officer classes are women by 2030. 

Gov. Larry Hogan denounces Russia’s attacks on Ukraine

Annapolis, Md.- Gov. Larry Hogan delivered an impassioned message to scores of people who attended a vigil to support Ukrainians.  Candlelight and sobs pierced the air as the Ukrainian anthem played outside the Maryland State House.   

Greenbelt passes a referendum to study possible reparations for Black and Native American residents

Greenbelt, MD – Greenbelt Council passes a historic referendum that will study possible reparations for its African American and Native American residents. Voted on by the residents, the city council will create a 21-person commission to review the reparation tactic.

D.C. LGBTQ+ shelter struggling to stay open after losing government funding

Washington- A local LGBTQ+ nonprofit is being forced to close the doors to its 50-bed low barrier emergency shelter on Thursday. This decision comes after the D.C. Department of Human Services gave Casa Ruby a five day notice stating that…

DC making moves to tackle food insecurity among low income residents

Washington – DC Health partnered with FRESHFARM to provide fresh produce to low income residents through Produce Plus,  a supplemental assistance program overseen by DC Health. Beginning this summer, FRESHFARM will manage the program to connect local farmers and vendors…

Abortion bans disproportionately impact marginalized communities, activists say

A variety of abortion restrictions have been passed in 21 states, with others pending in state legislatures.

Maryland launches mobile vaccination program to give shots to those in underserved communities

Reisterstown, MD –  The Maryland Department of Health and Maryland Emergency Management Agency unveil mobile vaccination sites that will roll through Maryland starting this weekend. The 32 foot long mobile units will be staffed by trained vaccinators and will serve…

The death of Sarah Everard spurs movement to stop violence against women

UK woman Sarah Everard was murdered while walking home alone at night, and it has caused an uproar on social media. The “97% statistic” is trending on many social platforms, as data was released by U.N. Women stating that 97% of women ages 18-24 in the UK have been sexually harassed, and many believe it is no different in the U.S.