Maryland continues funding for protective crop plantings

About $5 million the state of Maryland has set aside for farmers to plant protective crops has gone wanting in recent years.

Maryland maltsters optimistic industry can grow

In Havre de Grace, there’s a red barn with a white door on Level Road. It looks like your average dairy farm, but on the inside, there are no cows in sight. Instead, the barn is filled with machinery — and bags and bags of barley.

Chesapeake farmers target runoff reduction, lawmakers seek conservation funds

MIDDLETOWN, Maryland — A gaggle of excitable white turkeys gobbled and clucked in their pen at Open Book Farm on a chilly afternoon in late October. Most days, the birds roamed free in one of the farm’s pastures, scratching and…

Sponsor of bill to legalize hemp in Maryland thinks this is the year

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Proponents of industrial hemp say legalization of the cannabis relative offers many potential benefits, and, if a bill in the state Legislature is approved, Maryland might be part of a growing acceptance of the plant. A key…

Howard County Executive swaps job as part of Farm-City Celebration

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman learned what it was like to walk a day in someone else’s shoes. That someone was the executive director of Days End Farm Horse Rescue. The job switch was part of the county’s 14th annual Farm-City Celebration that runs through October 8.

Irish firm brings renewable energy to Md. poultry industry

RHODESDALE, Maryland – Bob Murphy’s Double Trouble Farms may be the most cutting-edge poultry operation on the Eastern Shore right now. But the significance of the farm in Rhodesdale, Maryland, is not the poultry itself. It’s the technology used to…

Public health concerns raised about industrial chicken farms

Farms on Maryland’s lower Eastern Shore are starting to look more like factories these days. Johns Hopkins’ Center for a Livable future says the influx of these industrial chicken farms, also known as CAFOs, could threaten public health throughout the state.

In a State Home to the NSA, Many Rural Residents Are Left Without Wired Broadband

Residents of parts of rural Maryland face problems in business, education and agriculture because of unreliable Internet.

Maryland Legislators and Farmers Introduce ‘Poultry Litter Management Act’

Introduced to both chambers of the General Assembly on Tuesday, the bill would require major animal agriculture companies to pay the cost of properly disposing excess manure on their contract farms.

State Senate Bills Would Expand Access To Medical Marijuana, Raw Milk

Two bills making their way through Maryland’s legislature would expand access to an unlikely pair of hotly debated products with potential health risks: medical marijuana and raw milk.