U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer transforms home into pet sanctuary

Rockville, MD – Retiring Naval Intelligence Officer Risa Simon has started operating “Leashes End” from her home.  It’s a nonprofit to help senior dogs and cats as they near the end of their lives.

Joint effort aims at addressing Langley Park housing ills

LANGLEY PARK, Maryland – Just outside the nation’s capital, this community has been struggling for years with aging and neglected housing.  Many properties are overcrowded, poorly maintained, and have multiple environmental health hazards such as mold, lead-based paints, and pest infestations. For all…

Maryland communities and D.C. receive youth homelessness grants

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Maryland — Baltimore, Prince George’s County and the District of Columbia are among 23 communities receiving a total of $75 million in federal funds to combat youth homelessness. The $75 million was awarded as part of the Department…

Biased landlords ignore disability rights, uphold segregation, activists say

WASHINGTON — Disability, race, gender, mental illness, and criminal history are used by landlords against low-income renters to deny access to public housing. That’s according to Lydia Brown, a fellow with Washington’s Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health…

Rising student loan debt hurts housing market, Fed says

WASHINGTON – With student loan debt numbers at a historic level, the Federal Reserve reports that home ownership rates are dropping as a result. The nationwide home ownership rate has dropped noticeably since 2005, particularly among young Americans. In the…

Shelters, services lagging behind growing youth homelessness

State agencies and community partnerships are adjusting to surges in homelessness, while housing and food assistance are lacking across the state, particularly for the homeless who are younger than 25.

Baltimore man battles homelessness

BALTIMORE, Maryland— From homelessness to substance abuse to violence to single-parent homes, many residents of Baltimore face unending challenges. This special video report introduces just some of the people who are facing those challenges and takes a look at their efforts to try and rise above them.

Anne Arundel County receives additional help to combat homelessness

It was only a couple of years ago that Ossie Jones had a good paying contractor’s job with the government. But, circumstances changed and she lost her job and, eventually, her home. Now, thanks to a local program, she’s back on her feet and starting over.

Legislators ponder ways to entice developers and combat homelessness

Maryland legislators are considering how to entice private developers to build more homes for low-income families as affordable housing in Maryland is becoming increasingly difficult to find, and lawmakers are particularly worried about unaccompanied youth left without stable shelter.

#MakeRentAffordable tweetstorm garners national attention

On Wednesday night, the hashtag #MakeRentAffordable became a trending topic on Twitter thanks to Make Room, an organization dedicated to advocating for renters’ rights in the United States. The group organized the tweetstorm in an attempt to raise awareness about…