Maryland General Assembly

Senate Discusses Bill on Funding for After School Programs

The Senate votes preliminary approval for the Maryland Extended Day and Summer Enhancement Program that would fund after-school and summer programs for students in low income schools

Revoking Parental Rights In Cases of Sexual Assault

Maryland lawmakers are now considering whether someone who has either been convicted or suspected of sexual assault or rape should be denied access to a child resulting from the alleged offense.

Legislators Push for Equal Pay For Women

Maryland’s State Senate considers legislation that supporters say will close loopholes and guarantee equal pay for equal work.

Gun Rights and Gun Control Activists and Rally in Annapolis

Dueling sides in the gun control battle squared off in front of the State House Wednesday.

Mental Illness Legislation Proponents Rally in Annapolis

With the need and cost for mental health services growing, advocates rallied today at Lawyers Mall to support legislation that would tie funding for behavioral health
services to inflation and provide round-the-clock facilities.

Campus Guns: House considers a weapons ban on Maryland college campuses

Maryland lawmakers consider legislation banning guns and other weapons on public college campuses around the state.

Activists, legislators tout statewide poll results before hearing for Clean Energy Jobs Act

The bill includes a $40 million investment in clean-energy jobs training.

Gov. Larry Hogan’s Redistricting Amendment Debated Before Senate Committee

Hogan’s redistricting plan inched forward one more step with a Senate committee hearing Thursday, but it still has a long way to go.

ANNAPOLIS DISABILITY DAY: Advocates turn out to urge legislative support

Hundreds came from all over the state to speak out in Annapolis for many who can’t.