Maryland Must-reads

Fells Point Fixture Celebrates 100 years

Family owned Tochterman Fishing Tackle celebrates 100 years of business. Current owner Tony Tochterman shares the secrets to his family’s successful business.

Equal Pay Day: Continuing the battle for equal pay

Equal Pay Day was established a decade ago to raise awareness to the huge gap between men and women’s wages. Now, ten years later, supporters say the battle continues–even as new anti-discrimination legislation is introduced in Maryland to broaden equal pay laws already in place.

Mr. Trash Wheel is cleaning the Baltimore Inner Harbor

A one of a kind trash wheel floating in the Baltimore Inner Harbor is cleaning up trash by using clean energy.

‘Yes means yes’ sexual assault bill dies; campus officials and activists debate next step

The bill required all Maryland colleges and universities to adopt an affirmative consent standard.

Maryland General Assembly Passes $42 Billion Operating Budget With Little Controversy

Both chambers of the General Assembly came to a quick consensus on the $42.3 billion budget.

Campus Guns: House considers a weapons ban on Maryland college campuses

Maryland lawmakers consider legislation banning guns and other weapons on public college campuses around the state.

Legislators, Advocates Look For Solutions to Distracted Driving

In fiscal year 2015, Maryland motorists received 40,479 citations for using a handheld device while operating a vehicle.

Blimp Escape Prompts New Scrutiny by Congress

A giant balloon — dubbed the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System — or JLENS for short — broke free from its mooring station at Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground on Oct. 28.

Medical Marijuana Supporters Look for Change from Congress

The Senate passage of legislation allowing VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana use to their patients is a step in the right direction but medical marijuana supporters want to see a change in federal regulation.