Hogan Appoints Budget Secretary, Emphasizes Private Sector Experience Among Staff

In Gov.-elect Larry Hogan’s final press conference before he takes office Wednesday, he named outgoing state Senator David Brinkley, R-Carroll and Frederick, as the new secretary of Budget and Management, along with 21 other appointments.

Maryland Rally for Renewable Energy

Supporters rally in front of the Maryland State House, Wednesday, calling for increased standards for clean energy.

O’Malley Wistful, Aware of History While Presenting Restoration Progress of Old Senate Chamber

Outgoing Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley expressed gratitude and a sentiment for history Friday morning as he presented the restoration progress of the Old Senate Chamber in the Maryland State House in Annapolis.

Education Groups Fear For School Funding with Budget Woes, New Governor, Legislators

Gov.-elect Larry Hogan’s transition team has curtains pulled tight over the budget until after he takes office, but many education groups are gearing up to fight for programs they feel are particularly endangered.

Congressional Democrats Urge Hogan to Support Red, Purple Lines

The Democrats in Maryland’s Congressional delegation sent Gov.-elect Larry Hogan a letter Thursday expressing strong support for the Red Line transit project in Baltimore and the Purple Line project in suburban Washington.

Hogan Signs Comptroller’s Petition to Push Back School Start Day Past Labor Day

Gov.-elect Larry Hogan added his signature to Comptroller Peter Franchot’s “Let Summer Be Summer” petition Thursday morning, totaling 13,244 people in support of a later start date for public schools.

Permits Allow Hunting on Maryland Farmers’ Fields to Control Crop-Eating Deer

Year-round hunting is possible through Deer Management Permits for farms with damaged crops.

Venison, the Other Red Meat, on Maryland Tables

“You can barely tell it’s not beef when it’s cooked right.”

The Cutting Edge: Sport Sensor Technology for the Modern Coach

Radar guns, bat swing sensors and monitor devices, once exclusive to the elite level of sport, are now affordable to the everyday coach.

“Kids are visual learners and live in the 160-character world; embrace it, there’s no risk,” said baseball head coach Sean O’Connor of DeMatha Catholic High School.

Coaches Gain Family Time, Improve Practices With Video Analysis Services

Professional and NCAA athletic programs long shouldered the costs to hire video coordinators, provide professional statistics and create segmented game films, but now youth, high school and smaller-college coaches have affordable access to these technologies.