Coaches Gain Family Time, Improve Practices With Video Analysis Services

Professional and NCAA athletic programs long shouldered the costs to hire video coordinators, provide professional statistics and create segmented game films, but now youth, high school and smaller-college coaches have affordable access to these technologies.

Maryland Coaches Embrace Affordable, High-Tech Toolset

The quality gap between professional and amateur coaching tools is rapidly shrinking. Parents who miss their child’s games can follow along on their phone. Coaches and players now stay on the same page when learning and practicing thanks to organized, computer-created playbooks and game notes.

Homeless Resources for Montgomery County’s Less Fortunate

An event in Montgomery county provided those struggling to make ends meet with some help to keep them warm during the cold winter months. One of volunteers, who goes by the name of “Toodles the Clown,” had a very special way to help ease those hardships.

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler Issues University Sexual Misconduct Report

Maryland’s top lawyer presents a plan of action saying it’s time to step up awareness about the problem of sexual assault on college campuses around the state of Maryland.

Baltimore Bookstore is Giving Away Books for Free

It all started with a conversation in a bar. Now, a local bookstore is giving away books to anyone who walks through its door.

Eclectic Treasure in State’s Capital is a Community Affair

Hidden off the beaten path this charming bookstore on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis has served the locals for almost 10 years.

Cheaper Gas May Drive More to Hit the Road for Thanksgiving, AAA Says

ANNAPOLIS–Low gas prices, increased police presence, suspended roadwork and toll booth failsafes may provide motorists cheaper, safer and quicker Thanksgiving travel across Maryland. The Maryland Transportation Authority expects a 1 percent increase in road traffic during the holiday travel period,…

State Highway Administration Adds to Snow Removal Arsenal

Highway officials lay out details for snow removal and other harsh winter conditions.

Top Teacher in the Country Baltimore County’s Sean McComb Shares Advice on How to Succeed in the Classroom

He’s been named the TOP teacher in the country and on Tuesday Baltimore County English instructor Sean McComb shared his advice on how to succeed in the classroom at a celebration of National Blue Ribbon Schools from across the country.

Rock ‘N Roll Cafe Provides Real World Training for Students at Md. School for the Blind

Students at Maryland School for the Blind work at Rock & Roll Cafe as a way to enhance their skills and work ethic.