Montgomery County

Montgomery County tackles drivers passing stopped school buses

Montgomery County is stepping up its efforts to crackdown on motorists who break the law and put children at risk when their vehicles pass stopped school buses.

History comes alive at Rockville museum one piece of furniture at a time

A Rockville museum exhibit features 18th and 19th century furniture pieces and the stories behind them. Beall-Dawson Museum curator, Elizabeth Lay, shows us that history is alive but may be hidden in plain sight.

The Farm Women’s Market has more than eight decades of local tradition

It’s called The Farm Women’s Market and it was established by a group of women more than 80 years ago at a time the men had gone off to war. Today, that market continues to thrive and is open to all.

Potter fans cast the next live-action Disney flick

In response to Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast” remake starring Emma Watson, fans at D.C. PotterCon fancast which Potter alum they could see starring in a live-action Disney remake.

Illicit-drug use OK in ‘safe’ site under Maryland bill

By HANNAH KLARNER Capital News Service   ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Illegal-drug users in Maryland could partake in recreational use under a bill that would create legal, sanitary illicit-drug use facilities in the state.   The bill, proposed by Delegate Dan…

Gang-related deaths on the rise; kids primary recruitment target

COLLEGE PARK — As gang-related deaths are on the rise in Maryland, community members are finding that gang activity can start on school grounds as some of the youngest students are targeted as potential gang recruits.

Springbrook High School students learn civics from judges and lawyers

Springbrook High School students got the chance to learn from judges and lawyers as a part of the Civics and Law Academy. The program is a partnership of the Maryland Judiciary, Maryland State Bar Association, Citizenship and Law-Related Education Program, the Montgomery County Bar Association and Montgomery County Public Schools.

Montgomery County holds Mock Snow Day to prepare for winter weather

GAITHERSBURG, Md. – Montgomery County held its annual Mock Snow Day in Gaithersburg  help the county prepare for winter snowstorms.

Senior pets find ‘forever’ homes

Gaithersburg, Md. — Sher Polvinale transformed her Montgomery County home into a giant dog house, where unwanted old pets spend their time until they cross the rainbow bridge.

Metro considers fare hikes to fix budget deficit

The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority is seeing red – and lots of it. Metro says it may look to its riders to help fill in the gap for its multi-million dollar budget shortfall.