More Than a Mascot

Community backlash blocks attempt to drop ‘Redskins’

At Teton and several high schools that use the name Redskins, efforts to change the name in recent years were met with a fierce backlash from students, alumni, local groups and school administrators.

‘Redskins’ name change a costly decision for many schools

At some of the 13 high schools that have dropped the name over the last four years, the moniker and Native American imagery lingers on uniforms, gym floors and in hallways, forcing schools to find the funds to make changes.

Native voices carry weight as schools debate ‘Redskins’ name

At Goshen and several high schools that have changed the name in recent years, Native Americans played an important role in the debate, Capital News Service found.

School paper becomes flashpoint in debate over ‘Redskins’

At several high schools that have dropped the name Redskins in recent years — or, like Neshaminy, schools that are debating whether they should continue to use the name — students were deeply involved at every step of the process.

California law cuts ‘Redskins’ over school objections

Forty-one high schools since 1989 have changed their mascot’s name from Redskins, picking new monikers like Red Hawks, Reds and Legends. Calaveras High School, forced to change by the state of California, changed its name to nothing.

At some schools, Redskins are gone, but not forgotten

Several high schools have gone through official name changes to drop the Redskins mascot. Some schools continue to cling to the name.

At Redskins high schools, students show pride in mascot

Some high schools that use the Redskins mascot show their pride by showcasing their sports teams, players and students. Others use more contentious imagery.