NFL Football

What’s In A Name: The Washington Professional Football Team

What’s in a name? A look at the Washington NFL team and the controversy surrounding its mascot.

Washington Football in Fantasy and Reality

Washington’s NFL players can hurt you as a fan, and a fantasy football owner

Washington Leads the NFC East at 5-6???

At 5-6, Washington leads the NFC East. A Monday Night showdown against arch-rival Dallas looming large on the horizon.

At 4-6, Washington Still Has Hopes for NFL Playoffs

Washington will play it’s biggest game of the season on Sunday, when the NFC-East leading New York Giants come to town.

Can the Baltimore Ravens Win Without Joe Flacco?

The Baltimore Ravens may have won 16-13 during Sunday’s matchup with the St. Louis Rams but they suffered a major loss when quarterback Joe Flacco tore both his ACL and MCL.

Thanksgiving Football in Washington? Pass the Sweet Potatoes

Football in Detroit and Dallas is as much a Thanksgiving tradition as the turkey. Not so much in Washington…

Washington’s Rookie Monsters

Washington’s rookies are a big reason why the team remains in the hunt for the NFC East title

Baltimore Ravens Hope for Perfection in Second Half of Season

With a bye week at the halfway mark, the Baltimore Ravens look to turn their rocky season around in the second half of the season.

Can the Baltimore Ravens Recover After a 1-5 Record?

The Baltimore Ravens are making mistakes after mistakes, which will cost them in the long run. Can they come back with a 1-5 record?

Washington’s Road Woes Continue

Washington has the NFL’s worst record in away games since the start of the 2013 season.