Testing the poison: Chemists allow ‘evidence to speak for itself’

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Maryland—As part of their role in the justice system, forensic chemists are using laboratory tests to identify fentanyl and other opioids.

Samantha’s journey: Rehabilitation center houses mothers and their children

CROWNSVILLE, Maryland—Samantha Griebel is recovering from opioid addiction, after using heroin throughout her pregnancy. Thanks to Chrysalis House, a rehabilitation center that allows mothers to live with their children, Griebel regained custody of her daughter and could raise her child while living a life of sobriety.

On the call: Some fire stations see high demand for naloxone

BROOKLYN PARK, Maryland—The Anne Arundel County Fire Department is on the front lines of the nationwide opioid epidemic. They administer the drug naloxone, which helps to reverse the effects of an overdose.

Light House Bistro: Annapolis eatery supports recovery program

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland—Light House Bistro is an upscale restaurant, with a twist: Many of its employees are in recovery. They come from the Light House rehabilitation program, which provides everything from housing to job training.

‘This is my last chance’: Structure, discipline mark recovery program

CROWNSVILLE, Maryland—Gaudenzia Inc. is more than a rehabilitation facility. For some, it’s their last chance at sobriety.

Hoops for hope: Police use basketball to build relationships

ARNOLD, Maryland—Anne Arundel County police have changed the way they interact with people recovering from drug addiction, turning to basketball to build relationships.

Angel’s house: Recovery residences support women’s sobriety

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland—Angel Traynor, who once struggled with opioid addiction, now runs five recovery homes for women in Anne Arundel County. Jenn Twiford is in recovery, living in one of Angel’s houses.

Blindsided: Annapolis police detective loses son to heroin

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland—John Lee policed the streets of Annapolis for more than two decades as a detective. With years of experience under his belt, he was shocked when he and his wife discovered their son Patrick was afflicted by heroin addiction. The dependency disorder would eventually claim his life, leaving his parents and community devastated.

A chief’s promise: Police encourage addicts to get help with disease

MILLERSVILLE, Maryland—Anne Arundel County Police believe that incarcerating people addicted to opioids is not a solution to the epidemic. Police Chief Timothy Altomare views addiction as a disease, and his department is encouraging addicts to get into treatment.

‘Tale of two cities’: Heroin afflicts black, white communities

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland—Heroin has been a national epidemic for decades, but as it spreads into the white community, the problem garners attention in ways never seen before. Heroin abuse has afflicted the Clay Street neighborhood in Annapolis since the ’70s.