Flicker of remembrance: Vigil honors those lost to addiction

GLEN BURNIE, Maryland—A growing number of people are survivors of the opioid epidemic, carrying on after losing a loved one to addiction. Aleta Daley’s son, Sean, is a victim of the crisis. She found understanding and empathy among people who share her experience at a candlelight vigil to commemorate those afflicted by the nationwide epidemic.

Opioid abuse may be rural Maryland’s worst problem

DENTON, Maryland — If there is one hopeful thing about Maryland’s opioid crisis, it’s that no one is denying the obvious. “Very honestly nothing is working,” said Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins. “It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen.” For rural…

Maryland could expand options to treat addiction remotely

A bill that could expand telemedicine to include counseling for substance abuse disorders, which could help thwart the ballooning heroin-opioid epidemic in the state, is advancing in the Maryland General Assembly.

Illicit-drug use OK in ‘safe’ site under Maryland bill

By HANNAH KLARNER Capital News Service   ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Illegal-drug users in Maryland could partake in recreational use under a bill that would create legal, sanitary illicit-drug use facilities in the state.   The bill, proposed by Delegate Dan…

Maryland’s heroin and opioid crisis reaches an all-time high

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Barbara Allen signs her emails with the names of her family members she has lost to addiction. Jim’s mom, Bill’s sister, Amanda’s aunt. Her son, Jim, died from a heroin and alcohol overdose in 2003 after battling…

Coming to terms: losing the one you love to opioid overdose

For Arielle Sokoll-Ward, losing her boyfriend Drew Weston to a heroin overdose taught her a lot about life. She planned to spend her life with him – but now she must cope with a future without him.

Opiates decline in Maryland prisons after cut from Medicaid list

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — Since Suboxone film strips were removed from the Medicaid Preferred Drug List in July, the amount of the drug recovered in Maryland correctional facilities as contraband has decreased by 41 percent, according to Maryland’s Department of Public…

Maryland joins suit against recovery-drug maker as opioid overdoses rise

Health department reports more than 900 opioid-related deaths in Maryland for the first half of this year — a large jump.