Public Safety

Montgomery County Park Police set to carry ‘sensory bags’ to ease stress in situations

Sensory bags have been implemented by Montgomery County Park Police to ease stress and anxiety that comes from situations involving law enforcement. The bags are equipped with items like noise-canceling headphones and Rubik’s cubes to promote concentration or stimulate senses. 

Judge reinstates case against two police officers who handcuffed and yelled at a 5-year-old for leaving school

A judge has reinstated a lawsuit against the Montgomery County Board of Education and two county police officers who handcuffed and berated a 5-year-old for walking away from his elementary school.

Investigations find dangerous levels of PFAs in fast-food restaurant packaging

Alarming levels of PFAS have been found in food packaging at a large number of popular fast-food chains. These dangerous chemicals are often called “forever chemicals” because they do not break down in the environment. They are used to prevent grease and water from soaking through food wrappers and beverage cups. 

Police officers issue vouchers instead of tickets

Police in College Park want to make the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. Drivers who have broken headlights can get a free repair voucher instead of a ticket. The goal is to reduce the amount of broken lights on the road and keep pedestrians safe.

D.C. recruits more women in police department

Washington – The D.C. Metropolitan Police and Mayor Muriel Bowser have signed the 30×30 initiative, which calls for more women police officers. It will ensure that 30 percent of new officer classes are women by 2030. 

Family displaced after Silver Spring apartment complex explosion

It has been five days since a faulty gas line caused an explosion at an apartment complex in Silver Spring. The explosion displaced those at complexes around the original site as well.

Ukrainian woman copes with Russian invasion

Ann Kerda says she leans on prayer as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine. She is upset for her many relatives and friends who currently reside in Ukraine and are seeing their country being destroyed.

RSV cases spike, as parents worry about their children’s safety

Doctors have seen a recent spike in RSV cases across the nation, at a time when it is usually not expected. RSV usually peaks in the winter months of January and February, and now coupled with COVID, parents are concerned with how to keep their children safe.

Facebook whistleblower testifies before members of the Senate

Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen fielded questions and shared insight into Facebook’s daily routines at the media giant.

Washington Capitals fans return for the first time in over a year

Washington DC – After a year of watching the Caps on the T.V., fans are finally back in the stands of Capital One Arena. Attendance is limited to 10% of venue capacity, which totals 2,100 fans, and season ticket holders…