Bartending Friends Look for Solution to Drink Spiking Problem

By Dennis Ting Capital News Service ADAMS MORGAN, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mike Bokman and Frank Mills are bartenders and best friends who are also in the business of safety. Drink safety that is. The DrinkLock is a new invention intended…

O’Malley Administration Unveils Website to Help Unaccompanied Immigrant Children

The website, Buscando, is the newest phase in Maryland’s response to the needs of unaccompanied immigrant children in the state.

Maryland Doctors Using 3D Imaging to Improve Operations

In the future, 3D printing could allow doctors to print replacement parts for knees, make cells to help heal wounds, or create blood vessels or even organs.

D.C. Drivers Fuel Ridesharing Competition With Creativity

The giant stuffed pink moustache affixed to the front of Elizabeth Croydon’s silver Mazda Tribute isn’t just for decoration. It means she’s a driver for Lyft, one of the half-dozen ridesharing companies competing for passengers in Washington, D.C.

Maryland State Agencies Threatened by Cyberattacks

Incident reports acquired via Maryland Public Information Act request show that at least six cyber attacks have hit state agencies since early 2013.

Oculus Virtual Reality CEO Defends Acquisition by Facebook

The CEO of the much-hyped virtual reality hardware recounted his humble startup beginnings and discussed the future of his company, now owned by Facebook.

Maryland Small Businesses Begin to Adopt Bitcoin

A handful of small businesses in Maryland accept the virtual currency bitcoin, including the bar Bad Decisions in Baltimore’s Fells Point neighborhood.

Cyber Blizzard Challenge Tests Students’ Security Skills

Cybersecurity programs from mid-Atlantic colleges and universities were put to the test as they juggled defending networks, giving aid to fictional disaster victims, and meeting demands from officials.

White House Cyber Czar Speaks at Naval Academy

Special Assistant to the President and Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel says understanding “the human factor” of cyberwarfare is essential to making progress in the field of cyberdefense.