Crews work to repair potholes in Prince George’s County

The cold weather, snow and sleet have caused a number of potholes in the PG county to expand.

People Stocking Up for Upcoming Winter Storm

A winter storm is once again in the forecast, drawing Takoma Park residents to the local hardware store to gear up for another battle with Old Man Winter.

BWI-Marshall Airport Faces Cancellations as Winter Storm Moves In

Possibly the biggest snowstorm of the season has already shut down airports in Charlotte and Atlanta, but it won’t be long before the weather wreaks havoc on regional airports as well.

Crews Prepare for Snowy Roads

Maryland State Highway Authority crews are busy preparing the roads ahead of tonight’s storm.

DNR Breaks Ice to Help Watermen

Maryland Department of Natural Resources ice breakers hit the frozen waters around the Chesapeake Bay to open up the channels for area watermen who’ve been frozen out of business since the sub-freezing temperatures hit the area.

Transportation Study Highlights Need for Safe Winter Driving

With Maryland and many other areas of the country having to battle the winter on treacherous roads, the American Highway Users Alliance is out with the results of a study on the importance of keeping the roads clear during the difficult winter months.