As the pandemic drags on, Baltimore communities work to keep neighbor’s spirits up

Phone lines are busier for Baltimore mental health hotlines as demands for their services are on the rise.

COVID means many more responsibilities for the oldest child

Across the country, students face challenges with virtual school, but many teenagers are burdened with additional responsibilities because they are the oldest child.

Like No Other Year

Nine Merrill students spent the semester analyzing three national news broadcasts every night. Each night they blogged about their strongest perceptions. At the end of this momentous year marked by acronyms — MAGA, COVID-19, BLM — each student/journalist leaves with a distinct insight.

Maryland Demographic Data from the American Community Survey

Using data from the most recent American Community Survey’s 5-Year Estimates, this map can be toggled to display the estimated median income for all zip codes; the white population in percent for all zip codes; and the Black population in percent for all zip codes. Because these are estimates, zip codes with a population estimate margin of error greater than 10 percent have been removed and appear blacked out in the map.

2020 Election Results

Updated November 7, 2020 Live election night coverage of the 2020 Presidential race. The graph shows Electoral College votes by candidate. A candidate needs 270 electoral college votes to win. There are 538 total votes up for grabs. The map…


CNS TV Newscast, October 6, 2020

Maryland ballot drop box locations

Maryland has designated 281 ballot drop box locations for the 2020 general election. Maryland residents who have elected to vote by mail have the option to drop off their ballot at one of these locations.

Data reveals lack of minority investors in Maryland cannabis industry

Data collected from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission reveals the vast majority of Maryland cannabis businesses are owned by white people while the few minority investors tend to own only small shares of their company. Meanwhile, the MMCC is investigating the scoring process used to rank applications for new licenses meant to diversify the industry.