CNS TV Newscast, October 6, 2020

Maryland ballot drop box locations

Maryland has designated 281 ballot drop box locations for the 2020 general election. Maryland residents who have elected to vote by mail have the option to drop off their ballot at one of these locations.

Data reveals lack of minority investors in Maryland cannabis industry

Data collected from the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission reveals the vast majority of Maryland cannabis businesses are owned by white people while the few minority investors tend to own only small shares of their company. Meanwhile, the MMCC is investigating the scoring process used to rank applications for new licenses meant to diversify the industry.

Baltimore City’s food waste reduction progress met with challenges

Baltimore City is trying to significantly reduce its commercial and residential food waste by 2040. Through waste prevention, food rescue and composting efforts, the city has diverted small amounts of waste from its local incinerator and landfill. But businesses are not required to track the waste they generate, which makes food waste reduction efforts more challenging due to gaps in local waste data.

Growing old in prison: How Maryland is working to ease the path to release for a low-risk, high-cost population

Riding on a wave of tough on crime sentencing practices that began proliferating in the 1980s, the geriatric population in America’s prisons is quickly expanding. For the last few years, though, a diverse coalition of policy experts, state legislators and others have been working to expand parole options for a greying population — and give them a better shot at coming home.

The science behind Mercury retrograde

The planetary transit known as “Mercury retrograde” began on Feb. 16 and will end on Monday. According to astrologers, this time period should be marked by issues regarding communication, technology and travel. However, according to scientists, this occurrence is not particularly important in astronomy.

Merrill College capstone class descriptions

CNS Annapolis The Annapolis bureau, under normal conditions, meets in an 1800s opera house in the historic downtown of the state capital all day, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesdays through Fridays. Undergraduates choose any two of these days…

Bill looks to make single-occupant restrooms gender-neutral

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Many public buildings in Maryland would be required to make their single-occupant bathrooms gender neutral under legislation in the state’s General Assembly. The proposed law would require public facilities to change their pictorial or gender-exclusive signage for…

Maryland bill would restrict what foods may be labeled ‘meat,’ as artificial substitutes become more common

ANNAPOLIS, Md. —  Foods made of animal tissues cultured from cells outside of the original animal, plants and insects could not be labeled “meat” in Maryland under a Republican-backed bill in the Maryland General Assembly. Senate bill 188 is sponsored…

Volunteers march in third annual Annapolis Women’s Unity March

On March 1, 2019, Eve Hurwitz, President of March on Maryland, led the third annual Annapolis Women’s Unity March through the streets of Annapolis, Maryland. Along with Eve, Meera Lynn Devotta and Sumayyah Mordecai are just two of the many that shared their stories with the crowd, hoping to inspire others.